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PID_WordleI have a masters degree in educational technology and although I have been using my new found skills to make the education world a  better place, it occurs to me that I’m missing out on something.

As I sat in the holding room at the Drury Lane Theatre back in May with my fellow M.Ed in Educational Technology graduates, we discussed what we wanted to do with our educations.  One woman was quite clear, she got the masters degree so she could get a bump in pay.  Honesty works for me, I like it.  The others sitting around me talked about taking their skills back to the classroom or to their buildings as technology integration specialists, etc.  I was already working (sorta) as a technology liaison but felt I could do more. The question has been, what?

I have completed a couple of professional development sessions with the staff in my building, and I enjoyed the experience for myself. I’ve gotten good feedback and they’re asking for more.  I’m a hit!  There is, however, something, for me, that is missing.  Its missing for them also.  We’re all busy people: work, home life, and everything else.  We want to learn new technology.  We want to become connected learners.  We just don’t have time to sit in a room to do it.

I’m going to begin designing online professional development curriculum. The Google Apps for Education series in itself could cover 10 – 20 different modules on its own.  People want to learn how to use social media packages, educational software to use in the classroom, all sorts of things.  I know how to write curriculum for adults, for teachers, for anyone who wants a module put together.  I’m going to make this happen.

Here’s the issue for me though.  After a brief, meaningful, and inspiring discussion on the topic with a teacher friend of mine, I’ve become completely overwhelmed with it all.  I’ve asked my Google + groups where to start and they’re all over the place also.  I need to get it together.  Can any of you help?

Drop a note below.  Help a “freshman level” instructional designer learn what she needs to do to grow.  Please?  Thank you.

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  1. This is actually a plan of mine to gather a community of technology integration specialists in our country, but there really is not enough people with the knowledge and experience on new technologies in education. It will be nice if people like you who have a lot of knowledge and experience to share it to other educators, specially to educators in a country like ours, Philippines.
    The reason I want to do this is I am pushing for eLearning to be used in schools here, but the teachers are not well equipped, in terms of knowledge and skills.
    If you are willing to gather a group of contributors, I am willing to provide an online platform where you can share everything to other educators globally. It will be like a Facebook for educators. We can start small, but I know this community will grow. There are a lot of educators willing to learn, and I am sure you will learn a lot from others too.


    1. most excellent! do you have a Google+ account? I’m currently trying to fine time in my life to follow several communities there and if you’d like, we can start a community there.


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