Build a Website, They Will Come?

So, I’m trying to flip my classroom this year.  I piloted it a couple of years ago and because I had a 6th grade class that year, and they didn’t have internet access at home or phones, it kinda flopped.  I had a mixed group or 7th and 8th graders last year, most of whom weren’t even focused enough to work in the classroom, so except for projects, I didn’t bother using a great deal of tech with them.  But this year… I have a classy, “how are we gonna use our phones this year, Mrs. Stone?” group!  So, I built a website, loaded it with all kinds of stuff (with more to come) and we’re practicing procedures on how to get some “homework” done.

Its still a little iffy out here.  I’m trying not to be disappointed, but I recognize my demographic and what they and their parents deem important and “normal” in a classroom.  We have Open House this week; I have 4 – 20 minute sessions to introduce them to what I do and why I do it.  I will remind the families that it isn’t 1990 anymore; we aren’t sitting in neat little rows with packets of work in front of us.  The world doesn’t need people who know how to put their name at the top of a piece of paper (though, that IS an important skill).  The world needs people who are thinking critically, using computer skills, know how to research topics and then create new realities.  All of that starts with learning how to start a lesson, before the teacher does.

I will discuss getting the work done with my classes all week, having them go home and show mom and dad how they can get the lecture out of the way Sunday evening so we can do other stuff Monday morning.  That way we have more time for projects and labs and one on one help where its needed.  We can do this!

So, check out my website. I am using Weebly this year. Uber easy to use.  There are two versions, Business and Education.  Through some summer induced fog I can’t explain, I’ve ended up on the business version, when I KNOW I set up an education version account.  Not sure what I might be missing.  Maybe I can get them to transfer it all for me.

I am always open to suggestions on making it better.  You can actually never add too much to a class website, can you?