Technology Integration 101

Two technology tools are being introduced in my building this year: Google for Education and Twitter.  I have been working with the instructional coach in our building on ways to integrate these technologies and others into the classrooms.  I’ve started with a little fun:  I found a BINGO card another technology specialist created and edited it for our building.

Here’s my BINGO sheet.  I “borrowed it”; you’re welcome to “borrow it” from me.

Technology BINGO Sheet

Next week I’ll  offer a mini session on simply getting the Twitter accounts set up.  Hopefully, once I get a few people to simply sign up and start following each other, the ball will start rolling.  We have a hash tag and everything!

I will also help anyone who is ready, to set up their Google Drive account and set up folders for everyone. I’m the most popular person in the building right now; being stopped and asked questions about things and helping people set up accounts of various sorts.  I’m loving it.


How is technology integration going in your school/district? Leave a comment below!

2 Replies to “Technology Integration 101”

  1. We have been ‘rolling out’ GAFE for a few years now. I have done a million workshops, and I put everything I give out to teachers on Drive, and some still have that glazed look on their face. I have about 40% of my Drive used up, and they’re still at <1%. Baby steps. Also, I'll be interested to hear more about your Twitter roll-out. We are going to do our *Big Introduction* (did you hear the fanfare?) in November, after the fall NoWorksheetWeek Teacher Challenge (October 13-17). I have an idea: how about you give me a list of your new-to-Twitter teachers, and I'll do the same for you? It'll be like old school pen pals! We have a hashtag too: #ofd90. I think I'm the only one who posts on it right now. *sigh!*


    1. Always glad to hear from you Matthew! most excellent idea on the penpal thing! The Twitter roll out is at the principal’s insistence because the Indiana DOE has a lot of resources available and all networking is through Twitter. I haven’t actually checked out that part of it yet (so damned busy) but all I want to do this coming week is get as many of them on Twitter as possible and playing around with it. Yeah, they’re scared to death of it all, so baby steps is the phrase of the day! I like that NoWorksheetWeek idea! Also, on the GAFE, what training resources do you have? My tech team and I want to start doing “ALL THINGS GAFE” in November and are overwhelmed at all the “stuff” out there? We need to get organized! Let me know! You know where to find me, right? haha


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