Learning and Management Tools I’m Using this Year

Ok, so the dust is beginning to settle a bit.  Week 3 under our belts and among fun things that happened since the first day of school include a total reshuffling of my community team which, on the back end of it all now, I’m the new leader for my community.  I have no idea why I said yes.  Le sigh.

Meanwhile, in happy science and technology land, I’ve started putting together a set of learning and management tools that hopefully will get science humming right along.  All the kids with devices have the following apps on them:

I’m thinking of adding Near Pod, as soon as I have a conversation with my local Verizon representative about the donation of some old, usable smartphones and/or tablets, so I have a full set.

I also plan on doing something with Aurasma this year.  Excited about that!

Tools I’m using to deliver content include:

Plus our Interactive Science Online Book.

I have already begun using the Educanon as my flipping tool and the kids love it.  As soon as I get all the rosters in the system, I’ll push out the videos as actual assignments with point values attached.  I’ve used Quizlet before and love it.  Its possible to use this as an point value assignment tool also.  They’ve add added a few new features including a recording feature where you, the teacher can recite the words and definitions for the kids instead of the computer voice (love that!).

I’ve used Educreations before and find it easy to use and great for quick mini lessons.  I have just started using Explain Everything and will be doing a review on it as soon as I get the hang of it and produce a video I don’t cringe about when I watch. Notability is great for putting it all in words for my hearing impaired student (yes, she’s back!  I missed her so!) and my verbal students love reading the notes too.

I’m new to Remind, but have had rave reviews on it from other teachers.  I’ll be sending my first message this weekend “Remember to complete you homework; find instructions on the class website!”

Finally, to keep myself organized and sane, I’ve added Evernote and Penultimate to my arsenal of productivity tools, cleaned up my Google Drive account so I can find stuff and am organizing my You Tube Channels to house all these videos I’m making.  I also added a Vimeo account, as our district is STILL blocking You Tube.  I make two copies of every video now when I screen cast.

We’re supposed to become a Google district this year.  First technology team meeting is Monday.  I’m psyched for this after attending so many Google training sessions this summer.  There’s so much to share!

All the other tools I’m using, I’ve used before and have completed reviews on most of them.  I think I’m ready for the new school year. Assorted reviews,  rants, and reflections coming soon!  Welcome back everyone!  TIME TO TEACH THE CHILDREN!