Back to the Grind…


I have intentionally avoided this blog for about 3 weeks.  I was on blog vacation.  Did a little travelling (that… was life altering, thank you very much), did a little learning (that.. was career changing), did a little house remodeling (that.. was a mess) and did a LOT of doing nothing in particular (that.. was very necessary)

Way back in June, I reflected on leaving the classroom.  I’ve decided I need one more year of this. With that said, and all I’ve experienced this summer, its time to get “back on the grind”, as the young folk say. Time to shift gears and focus on creating meaningful learning experiences for my students and the staff I interact with daily.  I’ve spent the last few days, begging for a copy of my roster, changing classrooms, building a class website and making decisions about HOW I would present content this year.

I’ve finally decided to flip my classroom.  Yes, I’m all late and stuff, I know, but I wanted to do it a particular way with particular tools and have been piloting and researching all sorts of things out there.  I think I found something I like.  Educanon is a flipping tool that has an assessment tool embedded in it.  Great way to introduce the topic, priming some mental pumps and then getting the kids to move on to more application and synthesis.  I’ll be using it for at least 13 weeks (we’re on trimester system) and I’ll do a little review for you then.  If I like it, I’ll keep it; if not, I have a couple of other tools I might try out.

To achieve your goals you need the discipline to confront the daily grind, and a clear vision of the end result. ~author unknown

Meanwhile, in tech liaison land, I’m going to bring the staff, kicking and screaming if necessary, into the world of PLN.  First staff meeting, I’m going to have everyone with a twitter account, tweet each other.  Just say hello. Get your feet wet. I have a hash tag for the school all picked out and we’re going to do this if it kills us.  We’ll move forward from there.  Rumor has it we’ll be a GAFE district this time next year with one high school piloting the program.. I’ve signed up to beta test Google Classroom, and will be telling you about that experience in my classroom this school year.

So, I’m going to put away my sun bonnet now, shake the sand out of my beach blankets and pull out my crock pot meals recipe book in preparation of things to come (ugh winter).  Time to put on my full time teacher hat, part time tech geek hat and make education magic happen.

Have a great school year everyone!


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