Reflection on #ISTE2014

It was a good experience.  I learned a little bit of a lot of different things, which is what usually happens at conferences.  I met some really amazing people, some of whom I now follow on Twitter.  I played the Networking Game, for what it was worth and a few of those people are now following me on Twitter.  I connected to all sorts of people, leaving my business cards in the hands of more than 100 people.  Yet, I sense I missed something.

I’ve been to many business conferences over the years and its always the same when its over.  I’m missing something.  Its almost as if I should be sitting down with someone, sorting through all the resources I got and making sense of it all.  What can I use right now, what can I share with someone else.  Who can I teach this new skill to in the fall, what the heck is THIS I brought home?

I spent most of my time wandering alone through exhibits and sitting in sessions with my soundcloud recorder capturing the important stuff.  I spoke with a few people about what I’m about and what they’re about and how we came to be in the edtech game.  I swear I picked up about 100 new Twitter follows; some of them might even bear fruit for me in one manner or another.  We shall see.

This event was about connecting and learning from others. I did that, yet, I still feel a little disconnected.  Its almost like no one really “got” me.  I’d talk passionately about my goals and plans and they’d talk excitedly about theirs, we’d part company and I’d still feel like, ok, back to my private paradise.  Was that supposed to happen?

I’m still going through all the resources I got and making notes and little flow charts for myself of how to fit some of this into my reality.  It was a good conference and I learned so much.  I can’t wait for Philadelphia next year.  I might even thing of something to present. Ha… new goal alert!