Tech App Review: Adobe Voice

So, first things first.  This is VERY different from Google Voice.  Don’t confuse them!  Where Google Voice is a personal, auditory device you can use in the classroom in various ways (see my pilot here), Adobe Voice is more about the visual.  It kind of reminds me of Voice Thread, without the communal chat attached.

Adobe-Voice-app-for-iPad-allows-users-to-create-a-video-presentationAdobe Voice is a storytelling tool that is easy to use and would make an incredible addition to any classroom tech tool box.  The app is available on iPad; I’m not sure if its on iPhone and I don’t see it on my Android store.

I’m piloting it this weekend as I attend the ISTE 2014 conference in Atlanta. All I have to do is take pictures or use images from my gallery and/or online and provide the narrative.  In each individual slide, you are timed as you speak.  When you get to about 10 seconds, you’re prompted that you’re running a little long (great way to help you break up your little speech).

You have a choice of themes, music, and layout as you work on your project. You can also add your own music. I don’t see where, after I’ve published it, I can go back and edit. (I may have just overlooked it on this first one and will figure it out on subsequent submissions.) When completed, you are able to share it on the Adobe Voice site, Facebook, Twitter, or embed it on any website.

I like this!  I can see great possibilities with it.  I wish it had captioning as I’ve become very aware of how important that can be with videos in the classroom. (Keeping those multiple intelligences happy + be cognizant of learning disabilities)

Here’s a tweet about my first attempt at using it. if it doesn’t load the first time, give it a minute. (that might be an issue with my computer, it might be an issue with their server, I don’t know)  I’ll be sharing little stories for the next few days as I reflect on my conference experience and I’d love it if you’d tell me what you think of my efforts in the comments.  Enjoy!