Summertime, and the Learning is Easy

So I’ve begun my summer professional development.  I love learning so much and there’s just so much out there to learn I tend to get overwhelmed.  Such a great feeling!

This week, I attended one of the 19 eLearning conferences being offered by the State of Indiana this summer.  I spent 2 days in Lowell (lovely little town) with 5 of my co workers and we learned a bunch of really cool stuff about educational technology.  I now know how to “Hacking the Classroom w/ Google Apps” (well, sorta, I need to practice this one a little more), and can create an aura using Aurasma. Oh the things I can do with THIS app!   I am now motivated to get my nephew to actually do something with the Makey Makey I bought him for Christmas after hearing Sylvia Martinez speak on the glories of the Maker Movement and got a list of really cool tech tools for the classroom to share with my peers from K12Launch.  I even got some tips on making my Twitter experience better than ever.

Next week, I’m off to Atlanta to the ISTE2 014 conference.  I’m a noob and anxious as hell about this, BUT, I know my time will be very well spent.  This is the ultimate networking session for educational technology geeks, specialists, teachers, support staff and anyone that cares about the forward movement of education in general.  Its the place to see and be seen if you’re in Educational Technology, and its time I were seen out there.  I’ll attempt to blog daily while there, I promise.

Finally, in July, I’ll be participating in a 3 day training session called AP-TIP.  Its all about preparing middle school students for high school AP and Honors courses.  Should be interesting.  The really interesting thing about attending this class is, my mind is actually more focused on the non traditional learning that kids can and should receive using technology.  I’ll be the outspoken one I’m sure, asking how technology will be incorporated into the learning of those students who we normally would classify as the “top tier” kids.

I don’t have anything planned for August.  I think I’ll take my vacation time then (wink)  Happy Learning everyone!