Tech Review: Summer Reading

I have time (ha) so I’ll be reading a bit this summer.  First, if you don’t have it, download OVERDRIVE MEDIA CONSOLE and connect to your local library.  If you have a library card, you can “borrow” ebooks all summer long and not have to worry about late fees when you forget to return the books (they simply cut you off when your predetermined time is up if you don’t renew). Many books are also available in audio format. If you’d rather listen to books from a different source, there’s always  Check them both out.  Or, do the old fashioned thing… buy the books. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Books, shall I say more?

Here is what I’ve read and plan to read.. want to join me?

Purple Squirrel by Michael B. Junge

As I begin my job search and career change, I’m finishing up self reflection piece on how to get my admittedly raggedy resume together so I can shine in the marketplace.  Remember, its been 5 years since I interviewed for a position and more than 10 sense I’ve had to transition to something new.  I need help! perhaps this book could be of assistance to a few of you, too.


Why School?  by Will Richardson

Short and sweet, an examination of how schools must change for students to be successful and how two different camps on how this should happen compare.  Check your local library for a copy before buying (unless you just NEED a copy for your personal library) Watch Will at TEDx in Melbourne below.


How We Think by John Dewey

A visionary at the beginning of the 20th Century, Dewey’s words resonate loudly here in the 21st Century.  I used quotes from this text several times in my undergrad and graduate studies, and can’t wait to read the entire treatise.  Its available as a free download. Listen to an excerpt below.


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

My daughter gave me a copy of this book just before I started my Masters’ program, and its been sitting on my desk at work all this time.  Its my “science” book for the summer.  The story of a woman who unknowingly changed the world of biochemistry, the HeLa sample she provided helped develop the polio vaccine and other advancements in science.  Oprah’s gonna make an HBO movie about it (yippie), so read it before seeing it!


If I manage to finish these two books, I’d like to start reading some of Neil Degrasse Tyson’s books (those who follow this blog know I’m in love with him and have been long before he hit the big time) and also finish the last in a series of books by Malcolm Gladwell, “What the Dog Saw”.

What are YOU reading this summer?  Happy Summer Reading everyone!