Ted: How to Speak so People Will Want to Listen

This.. is powerful. ..

Tech App Review: Adobe Voice

So, first things first.  This is VERY different from Google Voice.  Don't confuse them!  Where Google Voice is a personal, auditory device you can use in the classroom in various ways (see my pilot here), Adobe Voice is more about the visual.  It kind of reminds me of Voice Thread, without the communal chat attached. …

Learn Something… Entrepreneurial Educator MOOC

Class starts today! (June 23)   Starting my Entrepenurial Educator MOOC today! https://t.co/lWn33HVen2 #edtech #education #ISTE2014 #virutuallearning — C. S. Stone, M.Ed. (@csstone1161) June 23, 2014

Summertime, and the Learning is Easy

So I've begun my summer professional development.  I love learning so much and there's just so much out there to learn I tend to get overwhelmed.  Such a great feeling! This week, I attended one of the 19 eLearning conferences being offered by the State of Indiana this summer.  I spent 2 days in Lowell …

Total Science Geekdom.. .

🙂 pic.twitter.com/jm3dk17rIU — Science Porn (@SciencePx) June 9, 2014