Tech Review: Grade Cam


Note from Chevin:  My classmate, Donald, here to review Grade Cam, as part of our original contribution requirement for our Masters’ program.  Yay Donald!


Grade Cam Review: Mr. Donald Toney

Have you ever wished that you could grade your test in an instant?  Ever want to track student progress and share student data?  Check out Grade Cam.  Grade Cam is a website/ application that allows teachers to grade multiple choice exams with a web cam or document camera.  Grade Cam uses forms printed on regular paper that look similar to scantrons. These forms are used to record student responses by taking a picture of the form using the web cam or document camera.   The program outputs a student grade instantly for educators to give immediate feedback on a student’s performance.  Grade Cam cost about ten dollars a month and as an educator I think this is a bargain for what you can get out of this program.


Grade Cam has a lot of pros; the biggest to me is the ability to save time and give instant feedback to students.  Another pro is that you get many different type of reports.  This program gives you student scores, class reports, test performance, and results based on standards and benchmarks.  This is a great tool for a student centered class design and using assessments as a teaching tool.  Leaving more time for teachers to teach and students to be aware of where they are in the learning process.  I also love that this product uses the technology that most teachers have already, a laptop with a web cam or a document camera.  No additional hardware needed!


            Even though this program offers plenty of pros there are a few negative aspects of this program.  One con is that you can only align one standard to a question.  Some test questions relate to multiple standards and it would be great to be able to analyze more than one standard at a time. This is something that could be added and included in an update from Grade Cam.  Another con is that the program does not give recommendations to correct the weaknesses of students.  There is a need for an adaptive learning feature.

Overall Rating 

Overall this is a great product that will save time, money, and give students the immediate feedback that they need.  This is a powerful educational product that has the ability to change the way students learn and teachers teach. GradeCam is a must have for educators in the 21st century.  Let the time saving and assessment based learning begin, try Grade Cam now!





Mr. Donald Toney is an Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum certified instructor in the state of Florida. Mr. Toney is a graduate of Florida A&M University obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Secondary Education.  Mr. Toney has been teaching for 10 years.  In his teaching career he has worked in the Department of Juvenile Justice, Alternative Programs, and Middle and High schools, as a Science, Physical Education, Reading and Social Studies instructor. Mr. Toney is currently 14 days away from receiving his Masters degree in Educational Technology.