Color Bravery Anyone?

I like this video because... its an issue in education.  Its an issue in life.  We can't get beyond the things we complain about as long as we pretend everything is ok, can we? (btw... for those who are uncomfortable, I'm not going to stop being the black chick with the Masters degree talking about education... …


Starting orientation week of #dcmooc with live chat. See more about it at - open to all. Live: — Alec Couros (@courosa) May 14, 2014

Tech Review: Grade Cam

Note from Chevin:  My classmate, Donald, here to review Grade Cam, as part of our original contribution requirement for our Masters' program.  Yay Donald!   Grade Cam Review: Mr. Donald Toney Have you ever wished that you could grade your test in an instant?  Ever want to track student progress and share student data?  Check …

Teacher Appreciation Week – Mr. Pikul

We're in the middle of the second round of state testing and therefore completely distracted, so when the principal sent everyone an email thanking the staff for being the best bunch of teachers on the planet, I was like... huh?  This is a great week to feel appreciated. It got me to thinking about the teachers …

Self Promotion Moment

Seriously though..