Better Professional, Better Lesson

I received an email from Better Lesson today. They’re looking for master teachers in science to begin creating lessons and providing resources that align with the Next Generation Science Standards. (NGSS).  Although I’m not quite qualified for the position, I applied anyway.  Yes, I’m a member of the National Education Association (the sponsoring organization), yes, I know something about educational technology, yes, I have at least 3 years of experience.  I do love to write (duh), and really want to make an impact in STEM.  Indiana decided not to go with the Common Core though and unless I decide upon a classroom position where the NGSS are used, I have no experience with them.  I’ll get myself up to speed on that this summer. 

Part of being a professional, regardless of the academic content area you choose, is wanting to be better.  As I looked over the Better Lesson website, I recognize how I can participate and grow with this group.  Even if I’m not offered a position to help create new content to share, I know I can gain so much from networking with this group of professionals.  That’s what I want for myself.  That’s what I want for the children I will be teaching.  That’s what I want for the education professionals I may one day work with as a professional development facilitator.

A little about Better Lesson.  According to their website:

BetterLesson was founded by a group of teachers from Atlanta and Boston public schools to prepare and support effective teachers at scale.

We are focused on aggregating and sharing the most innovative content and practices from the highest performing teachers across the country.

Aggregating and sharing the most innovative content and practices...I like that.  Isn’t that all teachers are supposed to do?  Isn’t that what connected educators focus on as we interact with each other? Aren’t we supposed to work on “being better?”

The 130 teachers that are associated with this organization have created more than 3,000 resources for teachers to use.  For them, providing quality curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core, state standards and/or other standards currently accepted is important.  I want to help them as they begin work on the NGSS.  I have content to share.  I want to learn to create better content.  I want to be able to take away knowledge that I can use to do the things I envision in my future practice.  I want to be better.

I hope I’m chosen to be on the team!  If I’m not, it’s all good, I have an account now and will network and share with them anyway.  It’s what an education professional who wants to be better does.


What sorts of interactions do you have with other professionals in your content area and beyond?

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  1. Good Luck! I have followed you for the last year. You are very creative and are certainly passionate about teaching and students. They would be fortunate to have you. Keep your followers posted!


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