Turning a Technology Corner

I’m the Technology Liaison in my school building.  I was asked to take on this teacher leadership position near the end of the school year last year by my principal. At the time, I thought, this would be cool, it will look good on my resume and I can apply all this stuff I’ve been learning in my Masters’ program to it, etc.

The happy band of 4 teachers that started as the PLC Team, have been sitting round considering how to do things, what to ask about teachers’ needs and what our mission and vision is.  That was the fun part of this.  As I’ve begun to attend district level Tech Liaison meetings, it has occurred to me how powerful this position is and how in it, a large group of individuals can be turned into a humming machine of educational greatness by using technology as a tool to enhance the learning experiences for our students AND learn new things for ourselves.

So, I’ve been doing the “hi I’m the tech liaison” thing, with people kinda looking at me like “ok, that’s nice”.  For a few moments there, I, along with my team, was a bit frustrated.  We know everyone is overwhelmed with the simple act of being a teacher, but WE know it can be better, easier, less stressful.  WHY DON’T THEY RESPOND TO OUR JOY!  *corny comment alert*

So, this week, after the monthly district level meeting, full of the rush that comes from hanging out with people who are just as geeky as I am, I talked to the high school teachers (being held captive by the principal at a staff meeting, thank you)… and told them, again, what I doing, why I’m doing it, and how I have the support of the administration to make it all happen.  They were smiling at me this time.  I let them know I’d sent a few emails and would be re-sending them and a few more.  Please respond.  Let us know you give a damn, please.  Then I wandered back to my classroom and sent emails.

First I sent was a request for high school teachers to join the PLC team (the team was originally formed by middle school teachers for various reasons I won’t get into here).  Then I sent an invitation to join the PLC Edmodo group (20 people have joined as of this writing!) so we can start interacting with each other.  The principal mentioned Twitter, so I mentioned Twitter. (if you’re reading this, look to the left, click follow, thank you) I then turned off my computer and went home.

There were responses when I turned on the computer the next morning.

Yes, I want to join the team.

Can I get more info on my duties if I join?

When is the next meeting, I’ll be there!

Oh joy! I’ve turned a technology corner!  Someone DOES care about learning using technology and helping students learn using technology and all of us “life long learners” (I’m kinda getting sick of that phrase, next task, come up with a new phrase) becoming 21st Century scholars like something out of a Star Trek, The Next Generation episode. *cue corny alert again*

Seriously, I have no idea what to do next!  Our building PLC Team meeting is coming up next week, and I’m making out an agenda.  We have to welcome the new members, get their thoughts on our mission statement (did we even finish that?), and consider roles within the building as far as being a support to the staff.  Sigh, what a relief, I was beginning to question my ability to lead. I’m ok now.  We’re gonna be ok.  We are, afterall, Gavit, the pride of Hammond, and there is no stopping us!




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  1. You are in luck! Don’t hesitate to ask or to follow my blog in the next several weeks. I am taking a class called, “Learning in Groups and Teams.” This last week we worked on a team charter for my group. We are in the forming stages. Here is a source on YouTube that might be useful: Dana Brownlee has 54 videos on her site. She has lots of great ideas about working with a team. The members of my group have lots of experience with team charters, unfortunately, I never created on in an education setting. We were thrown into teams and told to do whatever administration asked. We never created our own design.

    I look forward to hearing about your technology group!


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