YouTube: Classroom Friend or Foe?

From Chevin… As you know, I am working on my masters in Educational Technology.  As part of my cohort’s Capstone requirement, we have to contribute to the education community in a way that uses technology.  I’ve offered my blog space to anyone interested in doing a tech review or sharing any topic they’d like. My…

Another Non White during Black History Month Observation

Bare with me, I have time to think and its going better than expected. I’m so blessed to be living in a time and space in this great country of ours where I can have a discussion with people who think with their brains and not simply regurgitate the noise of other, less worthy souls….

Turning a Technology Corner

I’m the Technology Liaison in my school building.  I was asked to take on this teacher leadership position near the end of the school year last year by my principal. At the time, I thought, this would be cool, it will look good on my resume and I can apply all this stuff I’ve been…

On Being Non White during Black History Month

Its that most wonderful time of the year in the education business.. . Black History Month.  I love the history of my people and how we have helped to mold and change the landscape of this great country.  I, however, dislike being black during Black History Month in my school building.