Twitter Chat: Leadership in the Digital Age

I attended my very first Twitter Chat last night!  I have finally reached a point in my Twitter experience where I don’t freak out when people tweet at me!  It was a good experience and I can’t wait to do it again!

*screaming like a banshee in my head*

Ok, I’m calm now.

So, the chat was sponsored and moderated by Powerful Learning Practice (PLP), a professional development group that specializes in networking for personal and professional growth in education.  I joined the group about a month ago and have found the resources they provide meaningful and useful in my professional practice.

About 10 questions were asked (I think, I lost track after a while) and the participants answered and interacted with each other in a very professional way.  I gave advice, I took advice, we all considered certain things, and did a wee bit of ranting about other things.  I gained new network connections and had plenty of people think enough of what I said to connect with me via Twitter also.  It was great.

Here is the Twitter transcript from the chat.  If you go to the Storify web page for the transcript you can also find a few archived chats from PLP. Check them all out. I recommend checking out PLP.  If you consider yourself a educational technology leader, buff, beginner, WHATEVER, they have the goods you can use! Sign up for an info webinar today! (dang, that sounded like a commercial, didn’t it?)

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