Happy New Year!


Time to shed some negative…
Time to dismiss the unhappy…
Time to reject the bitter pretending to be content…
Time to nudge the miserable out the door…

Time to embrace the self reflective.
Time to invite the joyful in.
Time to accept the support system.
Time to believe the praise.

Time to change the outlook.
Time to take the next step.
Time to shake the branches and see what falls out.
Time to smile at ones who don’t know how to smile.

(just to scare the hell outta them)

Time to move to the next phase (baby).
Time to like what you see.
Time to listen closely then act.
Time to observe then respond.

Time to cry. (cus parting is such sweet sorrow)
Time to cry. (cus your epiphany has revealed itself)
Time to cry. (cus you know you can do this)
Time to cry. (cus the release is now)

Time to hold yourself tightly.
Time to close your eyes.
Time to take a deep breath.
Time to step off the edge.

(for your faith is much much larger than a mustard seed, AMEN!)

Time to tune out the naysayers.
Time to tune in the truth tellers.
Time to pray for the ones you’ll leave behind.
Time to welcome the ones you have invited in.

Time to…do the damned thing.

~C.S. Stone