Your Cellphone Camera, Your Classroom and “Safety”

I came across a very interesting article the other day about using your cell phone camera to take pictures of children and what happens if you have your gps turned on. Naturally, quite frightening for those involved. Kinda funny to me. Till I thought about when I use my phone in the classroom to take pictures and then post those pictures to our Facebook page. Oh boy.

According to the article and news report embedded in it, if you have your gps on while taking pictures and you upload those pictures to someplace like, oh, Facebook or Instagram or Pintrest, if so moved, people can track the exact location where the picture was taken.  So what?  Well, if you’re taking pictures of children (as people are wont to do) and posting, now predators and other assorted nutcases can track the cute kid in the photo.

This has serious ramifications in the classroom. As educators, we are bound by various internal and external rules concerning taking pictures of students anyway.  Now we have to remember to turn off the gps?  My advice?  Either use an actual camera to take pictures in the classroom OR make sure the gps is turned off. I don’t have a Facebook app on my phone and my Twitter account has all the privacy settings regarding location on it, so the only time I have gps activated is when I’m using the maps or navigation apps.  The little radar thingy on my phone tells me when its tracking where I am.  I’ll have to remember to turn it off in the future before using my phone in the classroom.

I’ll also have to mention this to my students when we get back to school. They’re selfie fiends you know.  So sad we have to think of these things, isn’t it?

Here’s a link to the article.  I’ve pulled the news report video out for you below.  Pass it on.


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