Tech Review: Educreations vs Notability

I really like these apps!  Check out 7th Grade Lesson 5.1: Fossil Fuels on Notability:

Lesson 5.1_ Fossil Fuels (3)

I wanted to add audio to it, but there are apparently issues with the new iOS7 and audio.  It all came out as a scratchy mess… SOOOOOOOOOO I just took the whole thing over to Screencast-o-matic and did a dub over there! Here is THAT file.

I’ve set the video and notes up on My Big Campus as a learning bundle and the kids will work on it, labs and a couple of activities the first week back from winter break.

As compared to Educreations, Notability is something I can use to flip the lessons  weekly.  I’d then be able to use Educreations with small groups and one on one with students who need a little more assistance. I can see recording a conversation with a student about the topic, with them making notes on the screen, saving it, and sending them a link to the lesson.  I like that. Educreations limits where you can store their files to their website or your device. There are url and embed links are created for Educreations files that make sharing easy. 

Notability goes directly to the internet for images and webpages where Educreations uses the internet in a limited manner to gather images. You can, however, grab images from Dropbox with Educreations.  I can save my Notability files as PDFs (as seen above) and then store them in Dropbox or on my desktop.  Educreations is a much more intimate tool as students can draw, write, etc on the screen as we discuss and learn, where Notability, for me at least, works better as a lecture tool.

Here is an Educreations lesson I created for my students.

The only complaint the kids have with Educreations is my hesitation as I write and talk. I don’t care for that either. I’m a horribly sloppy writer (as you can see) and it just doesn’t look professional to me. Thus, my preference for using Notability for recording actual lecture notes.  I can put everything in, and then, go back and record, adding any markings I want as I record.  I can then transfer the whole thing to a YouTube file and clear the markings for the students on the PDF.

Its a learning process. I love them both though and will continue to find ways to integrate them both into my lessons each week.