Technology Integration, Student Style

I’m half way through my Technology Integration Course in my masters program and am finding the experience almost redundant.  A good deal of what I am learning, I have already tried or have considered adding to the repertoire in the near future.  Its a fun class.  I’ve made a Power Point game and am going to put together a virtual field trip.  I can use a lot of what is being shared by my classmates in my daily activities too.  This has been a good experience.

The first half of the school year is over and I’m excited to report that my continued efforts to model technology integration into my lessons and get students to integrate technology into their academic lives appears to be taking root and with results I’m quite pleased with!

My 8th graders have been working on a mini project on chemical reactions and had to design, build and conduct an experiment using a closed chemical reaction chamber.  They then had to present their findings to the class.  I told them they could take pictures and video of the work they were doing as well as use the computer to do all appropriate research.  Most of them complied happily at being about to use their phones and iPods to create artifacts.  I thought you might like to see one of the results.

This particular group worked very hard to make sure they used the right materials, got all the research right, and chose to “teach” the class.  Their “fearless leader” queried me almost daily about whether the choices they were making were appropriate and even had me record them doing a few things. The jobs of each of the students included researcher, builder, recorder and presenter.  Each student worked as part of the team to get the job done and were one of only 3 groups that didn’t present using a more conventional presentation method (Power Point, Prezi, etc).  The technology used included their cell phones, my cell phone, an iPad, and the classroom visual presenter.

Here is part of their presentation. (I had technology problems with my phone, go figure)  They did a great job on their project.  I am very proud of them.