Tech Leadership as a Force of Nature

I’ve been busy, really busy, but just a moment of reflection and giggling, if you don’t mind.  Thank you.

My 7th graders are learning about forces in nature.  You know, action/reaction stuff,  a body in motion, etc.  I’ve discovered over the past 2 weeks that my professional life has become …a real force of nature.

So, I’m the new tech liaison for my building.  Attended the first liaisons’ meeting and I”m officially overwhelmed.  The things we can do! The learning that can happen! I was formally introduced to the staff back in November and have been running ever sense.  Mainly because my team (the PLC team I built back in May will now be the Liaison team, they’re excited about that) has been out of pocket with their own business.  One was out on maternity leave, another finishing his masters’ program, the third directing the fall production and of course, I’m drowning in teaching, studying in MY masters’ program and trying to stay out of trouble. Oh joy for us, huh?!

As I wandered down the hall during my prep last Friday, a teacher stopped me and asked if I’d ever used clickers before.  You know, automated response systems: you give them to the kids, they click on responses that are then projected on the screen.  I’d heard of them, never used them.  Apparently, several teachers in the building do use them.  They were all sitting around talking about how cool it would be if the tech liaison (that would be me) could help them put together a little training session where they could teach other teachers how to use clickers.  I was floored.  SURE, we can do that! He’s getting his band of happy clickers together and I’m going to help them write the curriculum for the training.  Yay team!

So, I mention this to the principal, who beamed at the idea of someone coming to me for help to do training, and she suggested I send out an email asking the staff what they’d like to learn for the balance of the school year.  I did, and my inbox is still buzzing.

I knew what I was getting into when I decided to pursue my Masters in Educational Technology.  I knew what my responsibilities would be as the building Tech Liaison.  I didn’t expect the overwhelming enthusiasm of the staff.  I’ve been learning in my program that there might be teeth pulling to get people to participate in a PLC, that some will try to sabotage my efforts.  I fully expected this to be an uphill climb. This hill, so far hasn’t been so steep.

This force of nature that is professional learning has taken many by surprise.  As one coworker told me as we wandered out the door at the end of the day today, “I want to learn technology. Whatever you have to teach.  I’ll even stay after or come early to learn some new stuff.”  I told her, “your wish is my command.”

I feel like the genie in the lamp.  Give me a little rub and I will do my best to make all your technology education dreams come true. Where’s Aladdin when I need him!

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  1. Many universities are using clickers for more than just attendance. I watched a cool presentation that my professor gave to a group of faculty members regarding how it can be used in “real” time without needing to preload information or choices. The ones that my university have chosen to use primarily with underclassmen are relatively inexpensive and can be used for the entire four years of school. The set that was used in middle school needed to preloaded, which was rather time consuming. Perhaps they have been fine tuned since I have left? Might be a fun grant to write and even more fun to use! Good luck. I am sure that you’ll have a good time applying them.


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