Happy New Year!

Time to shed some negative… Time to dismiss the unhappy… Time to reject the bitter pretending to be content… Time to nudge the miserable out the door… Time to embrace the self reflective. Time to invite the joyful in. Time to accept the support system. Time to believe the praise. Time to change the outlook….

Tech Review: Educreations vs Notability

I really like these apps!  Check out 7th Grade Lesson 5.1: Fossil Fuels on Notability: Lesson 5.1_ Fossil Fuels (3) I wanted to add audio to it, but there are apparently issues with the new iOS7 and audio.  It all came out as a scratchy mess… SOOOOOOOOOO I just took the whole thing over to…

Your Cellphone Camera, Your Classroom and “Safety”

I came across a very interesting article the other day about using your cell phone camera to take pictures of children and what happens if you have your gps turned on. Naturally, quite frightening for those involved. Kinda funny to me. Till I thought about when I use my phone in the classroom to take…

Technology Integration, Student Style

I’m half way through my Technology Integration Course in my masters program and am finding the experience almost redundant.  A good deal of what I am learning, I have already tried or have considered adding to the repertoire in the near future.  Its a fun class.  I’ve made a Power Point game and am going…

Tech Leadership as a Force of Nature

I’ve been busy, really busy, but just a moment of reflection and giggling, if you don’t mind.  Thank you. My 7th graders are learning about forces in nature.  You know, action/reaction stuff,  a body in motion, etc.  I’ve discovered over the past 2 weeks that my professional life has become …a real force of nature.