Tech App Review: Creating Notes with Notability

So, I learned about this app this past summer, but haven’t had time to play with it the way I wanted to.  Tonight, I made a little review note for my 8th graders. Check out Notability.

8th Grade_ Chapter 3 Review

This app can be used in the classroom as a “live” note taking device similar to Educreations  It uploads images from your files or the internet and also has a recording component. All notes are saved right on your iPad with a very nice color coded filing system. I didn’t do a voice over with this one, but I can see the possibilities!

I am currently using the free version of the app, but I love it enough to seriously consider getting the upgrade for $2.99.

I think I’ll do one in class next week with the 7th graders… we’re taking on Newton’s Three Laws of Motion!

2 Replies to “Tech App Review: Creating Notes with Notability”

  1. Our school has talked about using this app. Will check it out. What other kind of tasks can you use it for? Could you mark work with it such as essays?


  2. hey feperry! Yes, you should be able to mark work with it. I think you should be able to take a picture of the work and mark it and save can then share it as you choose.You could also record notes or comments to attach to it. I save mine to Dropbox. I’m still playing around with it but the possibilities are endless.


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