Tech App Review: Educreations

Since things have finally quieted down in my academic universe, I’m starting to play around with some tech tools.  I have always wanted to flip my classroom, so the month of November is dedicated to finding tools I can use to create flipped lessons.

This week I’m looking at Educreations.

There are several Ipad apps out there that will allow you to use a whiteboard to capture images and use them to create lessons.  Some are more sophisticated than others and a few are simplistic enough for small children to use and that is their focus.  I like Educreations because it has a desktop and Ipad synced system and is pretty easy to use.  It captures images you have on your Ipad or, with an internet connection, allow you to grab an image from the internet.  The desktop version will upload images from your picture files.  I like to load all my pictures onto the various pages in advance, and if I’m recording live in the classroom (which the kids love, because when they play it back later they can hear their voices in the background), I can simply start the recording and write or type as I go.

All files, recorded either on your tablet or desktop, are saved to your account online for use privately or publicly.  I love browsing other creations to find things I think the kids could use and saves me the trouble of recreating.

Check out my demo of Educations and then watch one flipped lesson I created.

This is one of the first videos I made with Educreations.  I created it on my Ipad.  I couldn’t find my stylus, so the handwriting is shaky to say the least.  (I really should redo this one, huh?)  It was well received by the students.

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Are you flipping your class?  What tech tools are you using to do your flip?