Thoughts on Flipping from the Master

I'm working on it, honestly, I am!       The Biggest Hurdle to Flipping Your Class — Oceans Science (@Sci_Explorers) November 22, 2013 Related articles Spreading the word about The flipped classroom at my school ( Flipped Classrooms ( Flipped Classroom Best Practices (  

Helpless Children.. . and the Parents that Created Them

I checked my email one last time before shutting off my computer Friday afternoon.  Why did I do that?  There's an email forwarded from our Resource teacher from a parent.  Apparently, mom is upset with me. I "gave" junior an F in science for the trimester. According to HIM, I didn't "let him" finish the …

Tech App Review: Creating Notes with Notability

So, I learned about this app this past summer, but haven't had time to play with it the way I wanted to.  Tonight, I made a little review note for my 8th graders. Check out Notability.8th Grade_ Chapter 3 ReviewThis app can be used in the classroom as a "live" note taking device similar to …

The Poverty Trap: Slack, Not Grit, Creates Achievement

Interesting article... thoughts?   The Poverty Trap: Slack, Not Grit, Creates Achievement.

Tech App Review: Educreations

Since things have finally quieted down in my academic universe, I'm starting to play around with some tech tools.  I have always wanted to flip my classroom, so the month of November is dedicated to finding tools I can use to create flipped lessons. This week I'm looking at Educreations. There are several Ipad apps …