Using Yapp to Create a Virtual Field Trip

SUCCESS!!!  Several students and I downloaded the Yapp app I created for our field trip to the zoo this week.  In addition, a couple of our parent chaperones did too!  We took pictures and videos which are being uploaded, sent tweets to each other and interacted with each other as we wandered around the 35 acre zoo.

We’ve been showing the students who couldn’t come with us our pictures and they feel like they were there with us!  Virtual field trip accomplished!  I think I’m in love with this app.

I first encountered Yapp at a conference I attended this past summer where teachers were moving around a large high school building and at after hours events.  I couldn’t attend everything of course, but, through the magic of Yapp, I was able to get a feel for what was happening in just about every seminar and break out group.  There were pictures galore and messages we needed to move about were sent with ease.  

After uploading all my videos to my YouTube account, I’ve been working today to get videos uploaded to Yapp. (the software integrates YouTube and Vimeo) I have several students working on getting their pictures uploaded also.  Hopefully, by the weekend, we’ll have a great “scrapbook” of our adventure at the zoo.

The creators recognize there are several known issues and are working to make everything right. One issue I had was the software locking up on my Android phone.  After speaking with a customer service rep (great experience, by the way), I was told that and several other improvements/corrections will be made in the very need future. When they get the bugs out of this one, its going to be great for all sorts of things!  I can see it being used by judges at a science fair, or participants in academic bowls, or even between classes working on a group project.

I wanted to be able to communicate with the group effectively on this trip (there were 90 of us total) and Yapp proved to be a good way to do that.  I will definitely use it in the future (mmmm the weather unit?) with my classes!


What sorts of technology do you use with your students on field trips?  How do you create a virtual field trip?


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  1. What a great idea! I will pass this blog entry along to my son’s former 7th grade science teacher. She’s taking her kids to the National Zoo (finally open!) tomorrow! I’ll definitely look for you on Youtube!


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