Connected Educator Month!

Its time to check our “connectedness” quotient!  Every educator out there has a level of connectedness with other educators.  On various social networks, we all read, share, speak up and reconstruct the art of education for the better.  We are all reformers, we are all working toward a common goal.  We do this by connecting with each other.During the month of October, we celebrate this.  Happy Connected Educator Month!

I started this blog in January of this year, as part of my participation in a connection that almost overwhelmed me, ETMOOC.  In that experience, I began working my network of people on Twitter that I follow, who are following me, and we all share what we know, are learning and want to find out more about in education.  

My Masters program, which I started almost a year ago now,  has pushed me a bit further as I network with others.  In my classes, the discussions, assignments and interactions with my professors has proven to tighten my circle of educators.  I have continued to mutter here on my blog and now have almost 1800 visits!  60+ people follow me here, many more than I’d ever thought would care about what I have to say about my journey as an educator.  I’ve written 50+ articles on all sorts of topics pertaining to EdTech, science, professional learning and the joys of being an educator.

That’s what being connected is about though, right?  Discovering that you have something to share, gathering the energy and courage to share it and learning that you aren’t the only one out there wanting to know more about how education should work in the 21st century. Every single person reading this article are trying to connect with someone out there, to become better at what they do as an educator.  That’s the fundamental truth of being connected, becoming better.

I took a quiz, What Type of Connected Educator Are You? . It informs me that I’m a mix and mingle sort of educator.  According to the quiz, this means this:

Mix-n-Minglers participate actively on multiple social networking platforms. They like to follow people and organizers in order to keep up with the latest education news, events, trends, and resources. They like to share interesting things they find on a variety of networks.

This means, I don’t jump out there acting like an expert (Lord knows I’m not one of those), but I will follow experts, considering what they say.  I use this blog and my Twitter account to speak my mind on topics, share resources I find and stay abreast of innovation.  I use my Facebook as a bookmarking device to grab articles that I will eventually share with teachers in my building via the professional learning community I am heading up. (btw, my principal just offered the technology coordinator position for the building to me… )  This time next year, perhaps, one of them will consider themselves connected.

What type of connected educator are you?  Take the quiz.  Let me know in the comment section what sort of connected educator YOU are… and let’s connect on a higher level, ok?

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