Get Ready.. Cus Here I Come!

The television commercials are the signal to shift gears. My favorite ones are the Kmart “yo mama” ones.

Its time to get our heads out of the clouds and back in the books.  Its time to think about where to put the dry erase boards and pencil boxes.  Its time to be hang posters and make to do lists. Its back to school time.

I’m moving from 6th grade to 7/8 grade, so I have a new classroom this year.  I spent yesterday and today moving from my old class to the new one, with some help from my sister.  You never realize how much junk you have until you have to move it all. The science teacher I’m switching rooms with came in and moved her things in as I moved mine out.  We talked about what we wanted to accomplish this year and how we planned on making it happen.

We both want to flip our classes.

We both want to work on the PLC committee.

We both want to do more PBL projects.

We both wonder if the other 3 middle school science teachers are as excited about the new school year as we are.

I hope the students are ready.. cus here I come!

I have videos to script so enough of this.  Oh, here’s my new room!

Reflection: How do you prepare for the new school year?

2 Replies to “Get Ready.. Cus Here I Come!”

  1. I had coffee with a retired teacher friend this afternoon and told her about your last blog and the new LMS program that you will be able to use this year! Enjoy that sink, girl!


  2. Thank you!.. I don’t think most teachers fully appreciate how happy science teachers and art teachers get if they have a working sink in their rooms! And thank you for talking up my crazy commentary! You’re my biggest fan for sure!


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