Cool New Learning Management System Alert: My Big Campus

So I get an email from a member of the district’s IT department about a workshop at the educational technology conference a group of us will be attending together.

We are wanting to move towards using My Big Campus as Learning Management System next year. If you haven’t seen the features of My Big Campus, you should check out one of the sessions on My Big Campus at the eVisionary Conference.

Oh boy… something new for teachers to panic about using.  I decided to check it out.

I think I’m in love. It looks like Facebook (just in a much more interesting color) , acts like Edmodo (with more bells and whistles) and is easy as a dream to set up.  Just the thing to connect inside and outside the school network for our PLC as well as classroom connections to the community at large.  I am going to work on the assumption that the district WILL get everyone on board (apparently the state DOE bought it for EVERYONE, all we have to do is populate it) but I signed up 10 minutes after I saw the presentation.

I”m still waiting for my account to be verified so I won’t be doing a tutorial on it just yet, but here’s the overview video featuring the CEO of the company, Joel Heinrichs, as he tells us about the who, what, why and wherefore of My Big Campus.

I’m really excited about this.. I mean, my team was considering setting up a Facebook account to interact with parents.  With this LMS, we can make that link AND a link to Twitter that is safe and easy to use.  We will be able to chat with our students (only teachers can initiate chat sessions: homework help anyone?) We have access to a huge current events library from NBC News. The ENTIRE Khan Academy library is on this thing! THERE’S a BLOG!!! My children will be able to BLOG  and learn all in one place!!!!!


*I’m ok.*  (sits back up)

Man, I can’t wait to set this up!

More, when I get verified.. I promise!

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