Becoming a Connected Professional Educator

I think I discussed this topic once before but as I begin preparing for the new school year, I find myself updating and “cleaning house” in regards to how I’m connecting to other educators via the Internet.  In some areas, I’m really making a splash, in others, I wonder if I’m alone in a desert.

Take this blog for instance.  When I started this little reflective space back in January of this year, it was for a specific purpose and I really didn’t think it would amount to much. I fully expected to stop finding things to mutter about as soon as the ETMOOC was was involved in finished.  Now, almost 8 months later, not only am I still going strong, but I made the shocking discovery, after reading my stats, that I actually have more than 40 followers and nearly 1500 site visits! This is a big deal for me people!  I thank you all for caring enough to read my reflections, follow my little pilot projects and finding my idle thoughts cool and interesting.  Blogging isn’t easy; I’ve had to really work at exposing myself as an educator to the universe. but its fun, and I’m learning so much from others.  I hope I’m passing along a bit of information that others can use also.

In addition to this blog, I have a YouTube channel. Populated mainly by screencasts I’ve made for my class, and a few cool videos made by others, I’m finding new ways to use this space to be “the sillyscienceteacher“.  Remembering that not all learners want to read, or even listen, having something visual to learn from is a good thing.  More videos to come to that space in the future, trust me.

My Twitter account was a requisite of the ETMOOC. Before that, I’d used it to connect with companies and educational organizations, just to keep up with what’s going on out there.  Since then, I’ve used it to share this blog, connect and comment in various hashtags, and connect with people on different levels about different topics.  I am becoming a tweetaholic!

Finally, LinkedIN and Facebook.  LinkedIN is a great way to be “professional” and have people see you out there being who you are.  I’ve made contact with many other professionals there that I wouldn’t have run into via Twitter or this blog.  Articles from this blog are posted there, so I AM beginning to see some connecting that is occurring because of my thoughts.  This is a good thing.

My Facebook professional page is my new baby.  Still trying to get it together, right now, I’m using it mainly to bookmark articles from the various blogs, professional sites and assorted places that have a Facebook presence.  I only have 4 likes so far, and that’s ok.  The blog is linked to that site so people have something to read, and I’m sure, in time, I’ll connect to people in a different way there.

Check out all my “connections” at the tabs above.  Tell me what you think of each.  I really want to know.

Also…What do you think about professional business cards?  Perhaps with a QRCode on them that links either to the blog or to the Facebook page?  I belong to a couple of groups on Google +. What about a professional page there?  Am I overdoing it?

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  1. Congratulations to you! You took the leap, made a big splash and are enjoying the waters of being a connected learner! I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs. Thanks for including the related articles. They are helpful!


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