Mobile Warm-up: Bloom Style

Bloom’s Taxonomy (Revised) Tech Tools

I’m having a hard time NOT thinking about the 2013-14 school year.  I think its this class I’m finishing up on Information Literacy (IL) that has me thinking about how to incorporate more researching into my lessons, which naturally, will create a more student centered environment.

So, in the final discussion in my IL class, the topic of how to use Bloom’s Taxonomy more efficiently came up and of course, a classmate came with the goods for me.  She recommended Kathy Schrock’s Bloom’s Taxonomy Apps Guide.  Good stuff Kathy has here.  Please feel free to use it.

In case you need an interesting way to think about the different levels of the Taxonomy (and need a distraction), check out this very creative (top level Bloom’s) explanation of the Revised Taxonomy.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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