Connecting Professionally

You may have noticed something new at the top right of this page.  I have added a link to my arsenal of connections with my professional world.  Yep!  I added a Facebook page!

Now that I’ve done this, I have to update my Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube links to reflect this new way to connect with me.  Then I have to actually connect with people.  That’s how it works, right?  I want to be a professional, interacting with professionals, so let’s get to it!

I’m moving at a comfortable pace through my masters program and discovering that, through that experience, I can collaborate with my professional peers on a level that is almost scary.  I don’t know any of those people yet, I know we are all comrades in arms, with the same goals and same dreams.  As a tee shirt I once read states:

I’m a teacher.  I’m in it for the outcome, not the income.

On Twitter and Linkedin, I have conversations with people about the things that are important to me professionally and am taken seriously as an educator.  I like that. I’m working feverishly to get my school’s new PLC website and LMS sites up and running.  I’m out there alone right now, but look forward to having more productive connections with people I’ve been working with for 4 years now. Some of them are excited about the possibilities, as they should be.

What can I do for you today, professional educator?  What can you share with me?  or should we all just chill for a moment (those of us on vacation) and rest our brains before being brilliant and discovering new ways to facilitate learning in our classrooms in the fall?

Please, feel free (when you find a moment) to visit my very lonely Facebook page and say hello.  I’ll have stuff to share there, and will be adding new resources all the time.  I’m connected.  Are you?

3 Replies to “Connecting Professionally”

  1. Great step in sharing more of where people can connect with you. From my own experience with social media I have found it best to allow people to connect where they are rather than where you are on the networks. Cheers.


    1. I agree… which is why my teaching team at school has gotten permission from our principal to start using Facebook in the fall to connect with our parents. We’re going to create a closed group invite them all to join and keep them up to date on the education of their students in the place where we’re pretty such we can find them!
      thanks for following btw!


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