Back to this Literacy Thing…

As if I don’t have enough on my plate with grad school and don’t have sense enough NOT to overbook my summer, I’ve joined a writing project. For 4 weeks, starting next month, I’ll hang out 7 hours a day, 4 days a week with a bunch of nice people in an nicely air conditioned room, considering my ability to be a wordsmith and find new ways to turn my new crop of scientists in training into writers next fall. Something I’ve always wanted to do actually.  

The Northwest Indiana Writers’ Project (NWIWP) is the local chapter of a larger, most amazing group of individuals who think writing is important and teaching children to write is even more important.  The National Writing Project (NWP) was founded at the University of  California, Berkeley in 1975 by some professors looking for a way to quickly get freshman composition students up to speed with their writing.  In my local chapter, small groups of teachers are invited to hang out and learn techniques and skills to turn reluctant scribblers into brilliant authors.  As one of my new colleagues said to me, imagine what kind of scientists you are about to create!

Look out for my thoughts on how I’m doing in this little experiment into my second most favorite thing in the world (right behind science, of course).  Imagine the digital literacy possibilities! I’m getting all goose pimply thinking about it!

My first writing assignment?  Write a Cree Poem giving myself a new name.  This should be interesting.

More soon!

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