Introversion and Technology: Update on My Quiet One

So, we’re at the point in our  project where the design teams have made decisions about whose building the space rover, whose  preparing the presentation and whose making sure everything gets done.  I was sitting at my desk Thursday watching my classic introvert work feverishly at the computer on her Glogster. One of her team mates was standing over her left shoulder, commenting and pointing at the notebook on the stand.  She was responding and making changes and all was going well.

For those who haven’t been following this particular little saga, all of that might not seem like a big deal, but as I noted in my first entry concerning how technology can be the voice for an introvert, having her speak to anyone is an amazing thing.  Getting her to volunteer to work on the computer and create something as amazing as the bit I saw is a triumph.  Having her interact in a positive way with her classmates, excited about what she’s doing and how she can participate without having to open her mouth (although, I think she might really shock us all in a couple of weeks and actually run the presentation) means she’s taken control of her academic future.

We’re on Spring Break.  Somewhere out there, she’s getting it done and having fun doing it.  She’s learning how to interact and participate and use her voice in a way that she probably never realized she could.  All because of technology.

Ain’t life grand?

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  1. Yeah! Technology is indeed a wonderful tool for those who desire to work quietly, by themselves and who need think time before reacting. Looking forward to hearing more in the near future!


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