Digital Storytelling: Embracing the Creative

don't likeI don’t think I like digital story telling.  There, I said it.

Yes, I have a story to tell. Yes, I can do this digitally.

No, I don’t wanna.

Maybe I’m just from another generation (I’m 51) and just like having the story in my head, after reading the words on a piece of paper.  Having it “talk” to me, or adding visuals just seems to mess it all up for me.

Its like cartoons I “used to love”.  I was a big fan of Courage the Cowardly Dog (mainly because my son was) back in the late 90s.  Courage lived in the middle of a town called “Nowhere” (so profound, right?) with an elderly farmer couple.  The wife loves him to death, the husband hates the air he breathes.  They apparently lived in some sort of cosmic/psychic/extraterrestrial target zone and Courage spent all of his time saving the couple from aliens, etc.  And, because he was a dog, he didn’t talk.

Til the last season of the show.

Someone decided to give Courage a voice. It was a dumb, nervous idiot sort of voice. I hated it.  It took away from my fantasy of what Courage would sound like, talk about and how he’d react to things in his head.

For me, digital storytelling does the same thing.

The story I’ve chosen is, if you read my previous post, one I have written.  I know exactly how it “sounds” on paper, in my head, and in my mind’s eye.  I practiced recording it.  I hated it.  It didn’t sound right anymore. I wasn’t able to “speak to life” the ideas I’d written down and could hear in my head.  The story was different.

I discussed this with a friend the other day.  He suggested I have someone else record the story.  So, I sent it all to him, he did it. I hate it even more now.  Not because of the way he read it, but because I KNOW how this is supposed to “read”.  I’ve never considered how it’s supposed to “sound”.  I’m frustrated now.

I know, I know. I’m just supposed to create something so I see how its possible to do this. The teacher in me recognizes this and embraces it wholeheartedly.  The writer in me wants all of you to just go away and not worry about my digital rendition of my story.  I know this isn’t going to happen.  I’m just venting.

I need to embrace the creative.  I need to stop worrying about how it sounds and whether or not I’ve “changed” it in anyway.  I just need to get it done so everyone can listen to it and see the visuals I plan on adding to it all.  Its almost as if I’m putting together a story board, right.  A nice little screenplay or something, correct?

Ugh… ok.

Embrace the creative. Embrace the creative.  More later.

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  1. when I tell a story to a grandchild who is sitting on my lap, I will not show pictures. That oral story telling is so different from digital storytelling. We both enjoy the story and the situation of closeness and intimacy.
    Maybe it is like the songs in my head that never want to become real sounds when i try to play them.


  2. There is no “right.” Digital storytelling is figuring out how to say what you want to say in the most effective way possible. This means finding the right tools and delivering YOUR message. If this means text alone, so be it. If this means “six words,” so be it. If this means text created around an image (or five images), so be it. If this means a video or an animation or . . ., so be it. For me, the goal of this was to play with some tools that I wouldn’t have tried (or even knew existed). I care not about “story” at this point. I want to learn the tools and improve my skills for that moment (or those moments) when the “story” does matter to me. Don’t get hung up on a “product.” Not now in any case. Now is free time, exploratory time. Now you can throw anything out there and people will give you feedback and support. So don’t get frustrated. And vent if you need to. That’s why all the rest of us are here: to listen and to offer encouragement. Good Luck!


  3. Telling the story of your life can place you in the seat of vulnerability, yes? Two years ago I was asked to write an educational autobiography for my professor. It was just 10-15 pages in length. No big deal, right? Wrong..At first, I was very overwhelmed and wondered where in the world I would begin, what I would say and how I would say it. I also worried greatly about the personal details that I was providing not only about myself, but about others as well. I’m a little bit behind this week because I have been so focused on trying to get caught up in another MOOC. This means that I haven’t written my story yet.
    Who is to say that the story must be 199% accurate? Perhaps you might tell a slice of your life as you wished it could have occurred or as the retelling of how they interpreted this event in which you were a player?
    I found a time line that I am going to use for my autobiography. I need to include work from that class for my educational portfolio. There is no way that I will put the entire document on-line. No one in their right mind will read it. More importantly, I don’t wish to place myself out there for the entire world to see. A timeline such as this one: is one that I am considering for my portfolio. Perhaps it may also be of use to you?

    Remember, you are NOT alone in this adventure!


    1. ummmm lol
      everyone seems to think I’m frustrated about the writing… I’m not… its no big deal to write.. (I do it daily)…

      the message is my concern.. how it is presented so it retains its meaning, as I originally wrote it…

      Writers understand this… or so I thought…


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