Digital Storytelling… ummmmm

So, truth be told, I AM a storyteller.  You can kinda tell from the way I write my blog posts I keep it a wee bit poetic and conversational.  Well, yeah, sorta.  I’m thinking of how I want to do this.  I already have a story I have written; a novel actually.  I’d like to perhaps, transform the first few paragraphs into a digital story.

In the classroom, I am the ultimate storyteller.  Its the way I compensate for my introversion… tell a story, create a fantasy, get their attention with a little song and dance.  Hold them in complete rapture with the sound of my voice and the wave of my hand.  I am a storyteller.  How do I translate this to 3 minutes (or more) of digital media?

This is the sort of thing I want my students to do.  To be able to take a thought and turn it into a tale for all the world to experience.  What’s so hard about that?  Who knows.

I’ve been looking at examples of digital stories.  Here’s one for your consideration:

I have work to do.  The name of the story is “Time of Possession”.  Its an unfinished novel I started in 2005. (geez, I might want to finish it, huh?)  I think I’ll record the opening section and provide visuals of some sort.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Difficulty is in the listeners. When I tell a story someone is listening, and looking at me. Showing they do live in the story. Digital storytelling is difficult because you are telling a story with nobody around.
    Good luck writing


    1. oh, the story is written, what will be hard for me is visualizing it… and perhaps adding music… I’m doing about 4 minutes… the opening only…thanks for the good luck!


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