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I’ve always felt to was important to be aware of how others in the world live, work and play.  I remember having a pen pal, from Arizona, when I was in 3rd grade.  We’ve lost touch, but I’ll always remember discovering truths about Native Americans, seeing pictures of the different ecosystems and learning a little Spanish.

I want this for my students – learning something about a different part of the world – soooooooo, I’m going to take a stab at it.  My classroom connection for the year is to have my students, here in the northern hemisphere, connect with students in the southern hemisphere.  I KNOW its summer break down under, but I’m looking to connect with classrooms south of the equator to discuss and share information on seasons, weather, ecosystems and culture.  Anyone interested?

There is this really cool website, Epals, where classrooms all over the world connect with each other to learn and grow. It is a safe place to set up and run a global project with Web 2.0 resources, student email setup and everything to connect with anyone, just about anywhere on the planet.  Its free to sign up and submit a project.  For more information, visit

Please check outmy EPals project, “What Season is it Again?” and if you are as interested in exploring what’s going on in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE as we are in what’s going on in the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE, drop me a note.  Let’s teach the children how to use social media as a way to interact and learn from each other.

How do you teach your students to connect to others with like interests either across the hall or across the world?

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  1. Hi Chervin, I haven’t had much luck with the teachers at my school, so I passed the information on to my daughter (who teaches grade 2) and asked her to speak to the grade 6 teachers, Carole and Anthony from Regency Park Primary school, also in Melbourne. They are interested so I have sent my daughter the link to both your project and your blog to pass on. Fingers crossed, I hope it works out. How terrific if there was collaboration between America, India AND Australia.


    1. thank you so much… we just finished our lesson on the seasons.. and I got deer in headlights … so we NEED to have someone experiencing it “teach” it to them! I’m sure students in the southern hemisphere are a bit confused with it all too.. I’m so excited…


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