Connecting: What Apps do YOU use?

The fun thing about owning a tablet is adding the apps you plan  to use in the classroom (and the games you use during staff meetings… shhhh)

Here’s my current fav.. Moon Phase for IPad (I also have a version for Android that is on my phone)

What sorts of apps do you use in the classroom?

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4 Replies to “Connecting: What Apps do YOU use?”

  1. Hi there Chevin.
    Some apps I have used successfully are:
    Toontastic – great for making animations
    Videoscribe – good for students creating content, sharing their learning, understanding
    Sock puppets – kids love this, a sock puppet animation where they can share their learning, do an interview, record a conversation
    Total recall – mind mapping
    Show me – whiteboard style app where students can draw, write etc to explain something
    There are tons more but these are a couple that I have found particularly helpful.
    I enjoyed the blogging sessions on blackboard too and have learnt a few new tricks which is great.
    Good luck with your tablet!


    1. thank you! We’re going to be blogging at the end of our moon tracking project, a few of your suggested apps just might come in handy to create some interesting reflections on what they’ve learned.


  2. We will have to try out that app! 4th grade really gets into their solar system studies, and that looks like a good one.
    The iMovie app is extremely popular on our Touches and iPads. There are so many uses for it. Students make vocabulary sentence movie/slideshows, demonstrate how to solve math problems and perform reader’s theater. We really like posting the videos to share and get comments. I also think it’s great when a teacher uses the movies created by the students to continue the learning. So often we just don’t have time to wrap up something fully. Always onto the next topic…
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. I’ll have to get IMovie. We’re not a one to one school year (that will be the day… haha) but I’m sure I can find uses for it for projects that are coming up.



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