Connecting and Keeping it all in Order

This week we’re all talking about how to connect with each other, our students and  all the other people out there that are stakeholders in education.  This blog is my attempt to make that happen.

Another way I connect, organize and keep my finger on the pulse of things is with a never ending list of bookmarks.  To keep things organized, I use SYMBALOO to organize the symbaloobookmarks I use most often in the classroom.  Now that I’ve started #etmooc, I suppose I’ll have to start another webmix just to keep up with all the new things I need to check out in cyberspace. When I get it started, I’ll post a screen print for all to see.

This is my classroom symbaloo.  Feel free to click on the picture and visit some of the links. I will be updating it soon.When you start an account on Symbaloo, you can add webmixes made by others to your account. (I have a tab with science games on mine also)  Feel free to add mine, if you’d like.


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